Sunday, July 26, 2009

Blue Daydream

Blue Daydream

The avalanches of memory threatening to fall
Mountains I moved to forget, slowly reappear
From somewhere you come, since i found another world
From nowhere you arrive, since i was so far away
Walking these streets alone, rushing to paradise
Roaming through the shadows of my mind
Slowly falling through empty wind
Blue daydream, is that you?

I thought you wouldn't find your way here
And i will never know why you came back
Blue daydream

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Hello my large fanbase of 5 blog followers:
Sorry that i havent blogged since 1903, ive been busy. Dealing with mj dying, hypochondria, work, personal life bullcrap, etc etc. Not feeling so poetic or inspired so decided to take a little hiatus. Pressed by a loyal reader im now BACK.

Whats been up with me?
Ive been watching a lot of movies, revisiting childhood through he-man and odd and publicly embarassing hindi films seen in the early 90s with actors such as mamta kulkarni (*shameful sigh*). Ive been dealing with my issues with hypochondria, till yesterday i was sure i had swine flu (im very serious). Michael Jackson died and i was left with a peice of my childhood suddenly gone. A very influential man who formed many of my childhood memories was no longer in this world and the fact that i didnt know him personally but could feel the loss was baffling for me. Wanted to blog about it, but had so much to say that thoughts just got jumbled up and i decided to not write about it. I did write a song called Moon Boy, which i shall post in the next few days. Other than all this, my personal life has been keeping me quite busy and i have so much to say that thoughts and feelings just lose sense of direction and framing sentences becomes quite a hardship. But i guess im back and if the next few days seem to be an uphill climb as im predicting then ill be here pouring out every single thought. Trying to enjoy this bitchy little rollercoaster called Life or GIANT little pink turd or whatever

Do keep an eye on my blog, TRY, my large fanbase of 5!
Love to all

And try to comment for once!