Friday, July 23, 2010

We thought he died..but noooo

I just realized how I havent blogged here since 5 months, wow time just flies..flies like a fucker but nevertheless Im really happy today so I thought I should blog about.

Not happy cuz anything happened, just generally very random

Its like the drama inside me cant handle this and one part of me is already reasoning over this sudden happiness. Its like a court of law inside me headz, MIIII LAAARDDDD YEH KHUSH KYON HAIIII...anyhow im tackling it well..I FEEL like those weird ass judges in 70s bollywood...ODDDERRRR ODDDDERRRRRRRRRRRRR.... SAZAE MAUT to all the drama!!!!! :D

Just wanted to say Hi :)

Will write more soon, i refuse to whine here...and I whine a lot so that is kept seperately for this little 'burn book' ive created wherein i post 'comments' **if anyone got this reference pls let me know..

Anyhow everyone needs to listen to this song called FEELING GOOD by Nina Simone and then proceed to listening to its stellar mix by De Phazz, a total re visitation and recreation and then listen to the one by Muse...also VERY hot and soon to be seen in a very HOT tv commercial ;)