Monday, December 29, 2008

In The Waiting Line - 'Once'

One of the smokiest songs ever made, tranquil and takes me on a trip. Its been a partner through various 'trips' of mine in the past as well. Sophie Barker lends her velvet and hypnotic vocals to this magical song by Zero 7. Everyone needs to fly with this song.

'In The Waiting Line' unfailingly takes me back to days i usually would'nt want to remember and sometimes i desperately try to remember. Maybe I'm in the waiting line for better visions when it comes to this song but lately i do believe that has started happening. This song is breathing into life newer pastures for me, it's transporting me again, turning me into that starry eyed daydreamer that i so efficiently am. Let me do a past and present for the vivid recollections, its been a journey of sorts for me. I relate to the song in a very transcendental way, sometimes i see how we live the lyrics on a daily basis. I lived this so i write:


As i listen to Sophie Barker, captivatingly reducing me to tears and to relive

'Everyone's saying different things to me
Different things to me
Everyone's saying different things to me'

Its strangely similar to life in general, everyone saying different things, its like a circus gone wrong. All the people are running in different directions as we get locked into a four walled structure. I'm trying to find someone or something but it goes further, i run behind and it moves even faster. I try to catch but i fall and i try to capture but it disappears. Is it all just time or is it really happening? Am i imagining this invisible circus or is it really insane out there. I see myself on endless journeys on highways at sullen hours, i hear myself making promises and not keeping them. I see a haze all around and some people are laughing, that girl is funny, she dances every time Sophie croons. We're on high rise terraces and we rule the world t we believe. We control our own destinies and we choose to leave the world behind and let it run in its twisted course. Black, maybe satin or velvet laced the sky, city lights and limitless boundaries. My eyes are stars and diamonds and we lie beside each other and we tell each other things we wont remember as time will go by. You tell me all these little things and they make me laugh, you used to be so funny and you used to adore me. I adored you.

"Do you believe in what you see
There doesn't seem to be anybody else who agrees with me
Do you believe in what you see
Motionless wheel, Nothing is real
Wasting my time...In the waiting line
Do you believe in what you see"

I did believe in what i saw and nobody did agree with me. Nothing was real and i knew that so very well yet i needed to discover it myself. Did i waste my time? Was i in the waiting line?
I think so.

"Nine to five living lies
Everyday stealing time
Everyone's taking everything they can
Everything they can

I'll shout and I'll scream
But I'd rather not have seen
And I'll hide away for another day"

This is so eerie to me, i do believe this is exactly how it used to be. Living lies and stealing time while everyone around me took everything they could and ran faster while i slowed down so drastically that i came to a halt. It took me so long to start all over again, i shouted,yelped and fought to be blindened and to forget. Finally i hid away for another day.

I live that day today!
Maybe someone else is in the waiting line now


Hope is no longer the summer bird that flew away
My heart is full, i can see diamonds falling from high above
A Voice is no longer supressed, sing to the skies
Fly me to the moon, i wish to sing to the world

Friday, December 26, 2008


Elly, come through
Elly, find a way
Elly, listen to my eyes when you see my face
Elly, i want you for my own
Elly, dont you know how endlessly i wait?

Surely you have'nt a clue
Maybe you will never even know
The affection and the love you missed
Elly, how can you throw it all away
If you came my way, i'd leave it all behind
Elly, please walk by my street
I want you to come by
Tread by my world
And never go away
Elly, somewhere far away i hope you will hear
Elly, i pine and yearn unendingly
Change this lonely life
Elly, come by my way

Something About Us....

I'm completely mesmerized by this song, Something About Us by Daft Punk. At times music is the only real form of expression for me and I find questions, answers, solutions and so much more, all through music. This song reverberates the very feelings i conceal, resonating my hidden emotions. It slips me into touching surfaces of thoughts i usually control and stop from running wild. It allows me to let my imagination emancipate itself into unbridled madness, I visualize the sentiment of the song and see myself in the situation the song represents. What freedom a song can give you, its amazing. I drift off into another time where i reside alone and nobody can touch me, i address my emotions the way i wish to regardless of what others would say, despite the outcome not being in my favour (most of the time, sadly).

I turn off the lights, i find a place to lie down and i prepare to travel into this mysterious land. The music connects with the innermost chords of my heart (sappy, i know). Secrets unravel themselves, confessions are loud, emotions glimmer and are found strewn all across my mind. I see my object of affection and i feel helpless, find a langauge in this song and its my solace. I hold on to the song. Why does love have to be so tragic sometimes, why does love have to make me so sad. It's speaking to me now, i lose myself to the song.....

"I might not be the right one
It might not be the right time
But there's something about us I've got to do
Some kind of secret I will share with you

I need you more than anything in my life
I want you more than anything in my life
I'll miss you more than anyone in my life
I love you more than anyone in my life"

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

I'm hopeful today
I wish on a star today

Monday, December 22, 2008

All I Want For Christmas Is You

All I Want For Christmas Is You - Mariah Carey

This modern day holiday classic is probably on everyone's playlist now, every year it goes #1 and is the true new holiday classic. First released in 1994 it shot up the charts and became a holiday favorite. In 2008 I notice how this song has stood the test of time and is now a classic. Check any Christmas/Holiday chart and its sitting at #1. Often confused as an older classic it was infact written by Mariah herself for her Christmas album 'Merry Christmas', one of the best selling holiday albums in history. Every year some new pop starlet tries to cover the track much to their dismay it sinks without a trace. Its because Mariah captures the true holiday spirit easily and her voice albiet powerful is also very adorable and relatable. She sings so convincingly, she sounds like someone waiting for Santa to deliver. She waits for her loved one and sings 'All i want for Christmas is you'. The lyrics are filled with holiday nuances and sweet longing laced with a cheerful holiday bells themed beat. Mariah graces the song with her wonderful vocals that go to the highest notes down to the lowest that she manages with ease. Mariah has a unique quality of adding her own touch to every single syllable in her songs, its as if she can emote with albhabets and get away with it.

What's Christmas today without 'All I Want For Christmas Is You'? I personally cant imagine not playing it a million times during the holiday season and millions of people share this enthusiasm. Everywhere you go and notice Christmas spirit, wait awhile and surely Mariah's magical voice resonates soon enough. It brings a smile to my face everytime and i notice how it impacts every generation. I've been to so many Christmas parties and watched people dance to it like children and i've seen children go bonkers dancing to it. I think the purpose of the song is met

Spread some holiday cheer, put on that Santa hat, turn up the speakers
Dance without a care in this world, laugh
Give in to 'All I Want For Christmas Is You'

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Where are you this Christmas?

Looking out of the window, this time of happy yule-tide
My world is no longer the same, every year brings with it some change
I see the children run by, the smiling faces, everyone's happy
Christmas bells twinkle, Christmas lights aglow, everywhere
Christmas gifts galore, i see everyone holding hands
A tear strolls down, brings to mind the days i spent with you
Christmas time with you

Where are you this Christmas?
Is your heart filled with joy, is love somewhere in reach?
Maybe somewhere far away you feel these words i say
Maybe you will remember how we once spent the holidays
Where are you this Christmas?
I close my eyes and i reminisce those happy days
I hear your laughter so clear, your smile so vivid
Hope your smiling through the cold winter nights
Hope someone is holding you tight
I wonder, Where are you this Christmas?

Do you step out and see the children play like we used to
Does it remind you how we watched them everyday
I hope your heart is filled with joy like back in the day
I used to watch you how giddy you were
Christmas time dreams, with me you shared them all
We'd take those long walks, we'd watch Santa and his sleigh ride
How it made you so happy, i still remember how your eyes shone bright

Where are you this Christmas?
Is your heart filled with joy, is love somewhere in reach?
Maybe somewhere far away you feel these words i say
Maybe you will remember how we once spent the holidays
Where are you this Christmas?
I close my eyes and i reminisce those happy days
I hear your laughter so clear, your smile so vivid
Hope your smiling through the cold winter nights
Hope someone is holding you tight
I wonder, Where are you this Christmas?

If there was a way, Id say this to you face to face
But your far away yet i feel you hear what I say
When you see the Christmas trees, those shimmering lights
I know you think of me, happy memories rush in
Isnt it funny how we get through every season
But with Christmas we relive those happy days
I see the stars shining bright
I make a wish for you to be safe and merry as can be
Maybe you will come back someday and we can celebrate
But this Christmas i hate to be alone
I really wonder
Where are you this Christmas?

Saturday, December 20, 2008

God, if i could just...

Words are currying themselves into oblivion
Frustration is losing verbalization
Anger is losing its bounds
You need to come to fruition
You need to find your way!

I'm right here
I haven't moved in so many years
Alienated and subjugated
Set me free

God, if i could just....

For You & I

I'm fighting the bravest war
Battling the stormy night
You just pass me by and suddenly everything seems alright

My world has caught fire, there's not a soul in sight
Your the only one, my eyes focus on
You just walk right in and i think I'm saved

I question everything, your existence and mine
I cry for you and me, for the things we long to be
You come my way and i see all the answers i was looking for

I fantasize about fairtytales, i rhapsodize and romanticize
I paint pictures of a better life, images of brighter times
You smile and cast your spell, your eyes speak to me
Then i ask myself why I daydream when a dream stands right by my side

We take flight, can this is be real
We are so far away, we have drifted
We enter another time and place
I find this hard to believe, I'm flying through the skies
Is this really happening?

I pinch myself, profusely I bleed, i realize this was all in my mind
My world slowly comes crashing down and i have to carry on
You are but a stranger and you have no clue
You look right through me, you don't even notice me
You walk on by, holding someone else's hands
I dust myself, i look around
I return to where i came from
As lonely as can be

Once again the chill settles in
Its so familiar now to me
I retreat, I walk away
For you and i will never be
For you and i were a story not meant to be told

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Friday, December 12, 2008

No Ordinary Love - The Song.

My Favorite!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Show Will Come To An End

The party's on
Walk right in, say hello, everyone wants a peice of you
Is that the new arm candy? How wonderful for you
Theyre all glaring, they all wanna know
How many more magazines, maybe a movie deal in store for you?
Lets let everyone know you dont know me
Ofcourse you dont remember me
Why ruin this winning streak, why burn the chances of your success
Since your reputation must be kept, a past must be witheld

Everyone says you look so good and you deserve what you've gotten
Maybe if they knew the people you crushed behind and the lies you built on
Then maybe theyd change their mind
But for now they will hover around, have your back, your never alone
Smiling faces that hide green, laughing sounds that muffle pain
But i stand and watch you gain, though it wont last very long
What goes around must come back, karma...maybe perhaps??
Ofcourse it doesnt figure for you, surely you have no clue
For now sip the champagne, leave it all behind
Someday the storm will make its way
Someday the story will twist
And you will be the Jestor who will cry
Your show will come to an end

See nobody cares when the tears of a clown fall down
When the skit's over they wont bother
Just when you think you've got it all, it will all come crashing down
Enjoy this while it lasts, go on run behind that new person on your mind
Play your tricks and break a few more hearts
For this game is about to end
How long did you think it would go on?
But for now, go and dance, theyre so intent
They love you, so you think
Someday the time will run out
15 will turn to 16
The cruel hands of destiny will bring you down
Trample a few more hearts then your judgement day will arrive
Dont come back running to me
Now your the clown who will cry
For your show has come to end

Bow out
Curtains down
No people around
Cry clown cry
The End.

Monday, December 8, 2008

All A Dream

Last night i awoke to a painful end, it was all just a dream
It was all so real, as if i knew you for years
It came to life after so long and i was set free
It felt as if i had waited an eternity for you and i to be
Now its dark and cold and iam lying all alone
With this memory of a dream, a story never meant to be

We left the world behind, transcended into another place in time
So casually we floated into another space, just you and i in this world of mine
You breezily lifted me out of the burden of it all, said words i waited to hear
I still picture you so vividly, i even hear the things you said and the way you laughed
Tell me where you disappeared and why you came in the first place?
Now i'm here in this solitude, what am i supposed to do?
With this memory of a dream, a story never meant to be

Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Perilous Ordeal

Need i spend each day wondering if you know what it feels like for a boy
Pass me by, just trample over an emotion you cant comprehend
Wish there was a way for me to say the things ive concealed for so long
But you just carry on, live each day as it comes with its joys and its pain
You just move in your own grooves, no void i can fill, no space i can occupy
Leaving me behind to make it on my own

You fade into the wind when twilight comes around
You go and disappear, i crumble knowing you may never return
Hide behind the curtains of my mind, seeking solace envisioning your smile
Maybe you will just end up a memory, how could you let me fly by?
What a tragic end to something i deemed epic
You'll never know how i really felt and you'll never hear the stories i had to tell
I wonder if someday it will all come to you
You may tread a forgotten path to find me somewhere in the shadows of the past
But i vanished long ago, i flew away
I left the playground for other boys to play
And you will blame yourself for you were to blind to notice
It was plain to see, to you there was so much i could be
My perilous ordeal

Someday i will creep into your mind and take you back in time
Wander in through a thought and obfuscate your order so you will remember
Maybe you will realize you should have paid more attention
Too much going on in your life
While I struggled with the burden of truth
You took away my youth, flailing towards calmer waters
You were my distant river
You changed your course too many times
And left me frail through my perilous ordeal
My perilous ordeal

All you had to do was give me a moment in your time
A space in your place, a groove in your moves
And i would've followed suit, but you raced on by
You never cared, you left me behind during my perilous ordeal
My perilous ordeal

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


A quiet happy storm
A silent volcano...but i will not be burnt
A rollercoaster...all in fun

A moody cloud but a jubilant burst
A rainy day preceding sunshine
A sunflower...basking in glory

Sorrow and joy go hand in hand
Give and take, compromise
Learn and sacrifice
Never say goodbye

Blue sky, cool breeze
Long journeys, but a friend holds your hand
Loneliness and solitude but sunshine comes around
Wait a little while

Effervescence, incandescent spoken words
Cherish, each one a gem
A love affair with life

Drama...Comedy....Suspence....Romance...Woe...Happy Ending

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Not Like Christmas At All

I see the Christmas trees, pretty lights shining bright
I watch the snow fall down and the children clowning around
I hear them sing deck the halls and all the carolers surround
Everyone is rejoicing, theyre all celebrating
I hear laughter and sleigh bells ringing
I want to join them, but you are not around
Without you in this winter cold
Its really not like Christmas at all

I gaze out of my window and all i can see is you
I run to catch you but you disappear
Memories overflow, i remember when you were here
And all the joy of Christmas and the new year
Everyone is together, theyre all so festive
I see families walking by, afar the church bells are inviting
I want to join go with them, but you are not around
Without you this time of the year
Its really not like Christmas at all

Spring comes around and then meets April rain
Summer days breeze through and soon Autumn leaves fall outside
I carry on somehow, I make it on my own
But around this time of the year, without you here
Its really not Christmas for me
Its really not like Christmas at all

Very Merry Christmas

Eyes sparkle like the sparklers spangled all around, a million trinkets twinkle and glisten
Happy children surround the christmas tree, hopes and wishes abundant
Up go bubbles full of rainbows then burst, laughter fills the air
Christmas bells clangle,while we dance around the mistletoe
Here's the joyful tide, let it shine on us
A time for all dreams to come true
I'm dreaming of a very Merry Christmas

Night time the stars shine bright, Shadows lace the moonlight with black
Fireplaces aglow, so many stories are told and there's so much to hear
Afar i hear the carolers sing in the snow, triumph in the skies
The weary world shall rejoice, everyone will celebrate
Bring glory and peace on earth, a million more years to come
A baby dove flies by, a new day heralds
I'm dreaming of a very Merry Christmas

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Voices Inside...

Like an iceberg, cold inside
Too frozen to thaw
The road was dark, too long, no direction
Ran the other way, got lost again
Light found its way, i wish i believed
Now i hear the voices inside
Silent all these years

Days went by full of tired excuses
Words were exchanged but had no meaning
You were the centre of your own universe
Caught in the eye of the storm, learnt the hard way
Sunshine seeped through a forgotten crevice
Now i hear the voices inside
Silent all these years

Mother said it right 'you cant hide from the sun'
She pressed 'man creates his own hell'
Why didnt we learn? Where did we go wrong?
Made so many mistakes, Faltered so many times
But everything must come around
Now i hear the voices inside
Silent all these years

Drowned repeatedly, unable to sail through the tides
Running away from the face of challenge and blocking away the chance of pain
Should've fought steadfastly...casting hurdles aside
The fear of adversity tortured the child inside, a tumultous ride
Should've held on...why did faith dissipate
Now i hear the voices
Silent all these years

War torn city, now to rebuild
Wilted flowers, bloom once again
Rain subsides, a rainbow appears
I will believe, i will stand up again
A voice may be frail, it never dies
Now i hear it loud and clear
These voices inside they guide you to what's right

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Unrelenting Ghost

Unrelenting ghost, why must you plague me?
Haunt me and never leave me
Your sound is so loud and your touch is like a thousand knives through my skin
As a child you maneuvered me and controlled my every move
You made your presence felt which i just cant erase
Memories that linger and moments i cant forget
Every time i see your face it all comes back to me
Unrelenting ghost, when will you go away?

A colour i cant describe and feelings i cant verbalize
I run to words but they escape me, so easily they leave me
So no one believes me and no one really understands
Maybe i dont realize it myself how you rear your ugly side
Catch me in when iam cornered with thoughts
Hold me when iam captured with visions of yesterday
Unrelenting ghost, you know me very well

A song brings to mind moments left behind
A smell makes you relive days gone by
A face makes you reminisce and little things comes alive
Unrelenting ghost you slowly make your way
So easily you grasp on tight
So effortlessly you hypnotize
Until I'm drowned inside of you

Unrelenting ghost, they will never know who you really are
And i will never be set free till i cast you aside
Unrelenting ghost, i must move on
I must walk away to start all over again

Unrelenting ghost, i hope you will understand
I hope you will realize why i left you behind
Emancipation is all i really need
I hope you will understand.

Bulletproof Soul

5 years ago sorrow was a known place and so was elation, now both places are strange and vague yet they're friends of mine. There was innocence and there were positive expectations and the freedom to run behind the elusive. There was no knowledge of a barren situation or a place where things jumble and plans crumble and sacrifice is all you can do. That time was never cherished, i don't know why but i never told myself that to cherish the day, i was busy chasing the sun. Hope was a happy word and not a tool strengthen yourself, it was what you lived on. You had no idea of what would happen if things didn't form the shapes you pictured and dreams were meant to come to fruition. It was an addiction, it was a high to keep moving, to keep driving yourself for more. Realism somehow lost itself into an uncharted territory and eyes were starry and the goal was no longer in sight yet you still kept running.

Dreams got bigger, hopes got fuller, faith was resolute but you forget what you really set out for, there was so much you wanted and so little time. At first the sun glistened and shone until it got too close and you were burnt till you shriveled. You awakened in this barren spot, life wasn't so fair and dreams were now further than ever. Lost is how i felt yet i kept chasing and yearning for more, how do you tell yourself to take it slow when you want so much more?

This grind repeated itself a million times and today you find yourself settling for whatever you have with flailing will and frail hope and little choice. You see old lovers with new friends, dreams working out for someone else, someone else is a star, sacrifices keep mounting and compromises keep piling. Life shows you an ugly side, yet something inside says faith never dies. And you will NOT let this bring you down and winter wont last so long. Every night you feel the chill and the stormy winds whistle outside but you know now you have a Bulletproof Soul. And nothing is impossible anymore and there's nothing you cant achieve. Nothing will hurt you, nothing can touch you because you have learnt the hard way. You now know you have a Bulletproof Soul.

Shot too many times right where it hurts, right where it bleeds
Love was a gun, no one won
You were trigger happy and this was the result, this was how it fares
But the story never ends for now you have a bulletproof soul

The sun is strong, it will burn you till you melt
You were wanting more, you tried to reach out
You found yourself alone, destroyed
But the sun fades for a brighter moon and stars are found
For now you have a bulletproof soul

The sea is endless, it will swallow you
You felt the thirst, you jumped right in
You drowned, you disappeared
But the waves brought you to the shore
For now you have a bulletproof soul

The rain wont stop, your drenched
You saw the fruit, you ran towards it
The storm caught you in its eye
but thunder led to sunshine and you were found
For now you have a bulletproof soul

A dream may have died last night
Morning brings new light
You may have lost yourself
But time finds you right in sight

There's nothing i cant do
For now i have a bulletproof soul

Bulletproof Soul :)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Play That Sound Again

Play that sound again
Ruby nights, city lights, dreamy sights
Lovers who hold hands, Music & wine
Candlelight, Diamonds in the sky
Fervent hopes, Heady laughter
Moonlight, You in sight
Smiles Exchanged, Reverie apparent

Play that sound again
Elated, Lifted, Way up in the sky
Natural High, Shadows dancing on the wall
Moving so slow, Moving to the groove
In another place in time

Play that sound again
New day, New life
Resurfaced feelings, Hypnotic daydreams
Stories retold, New sheen, New meaning
Slow motion, Paused moments
Play that sound again

What A Wicked Thing To Say???

Is it really a wicked thing to do.... to make me dream of you? Is it really a wicked thing to never felt this way?

Chris Isaak very famously sang this line in his haunting hit 'Wicked Game'. Sometimes i listen to this song and lose myself to the tune. It transports me to the beach where they shot the video and everything in my life is suddenly black and white.Relating to the lyrics isnt uncommon, i know so many people who have been affected by this song in so many ways. Isn't it so poignant to say 'The world's on fire and no one could save me but you'? According to me that line defines the reason why desire puts the best people among us in a tailspin. Why does desire rule over so many of us? i keep trying to put it aside and so do you for all i know but in a moment of darkness we all succumb, we give in. Particularly heart wrenching and alarmingly realistic albeit cynical is 'This world will only break your heart'. I find it realistic as many of us have been wronged in matters of love and why i find it cynical is because the lyrics leave no space for hope and faith in believing that the world may break your heart but it mends it as well, regardless the line stands out and literally haunts you to agree. How simply he hums 'No, i dont wanna fall in love with you' yet its so powerfully conveyed, its such a helpless cry as if he is falling into this endless pit inadvertently ending up alone.

Sometimes i turn the lights off and throw myself on the bed and drown into the song and it always results in me connecting with the song in a truly subconscious and paranormal way as if it speaks to me. How many of us have felt the rush of excitement when somebody new comes along and then also felt helpless that things dont go the way you hoped leading to this sense of agony and heartbreak. This song captures anguish, remorse and indigninance all at once, showcasing pain in the simplest form, the lyrics are subdued and speak a thousand words. Truly this song is one of the most melancholic songs in history. Not to forget Isaak has one of the most soothing and plaintive voices in music. This is definetely a classic song, a storybook in itself. Here are the lyrics:

World was on fire, and no one could save me but you,
Strange word desire will make foolish people do.
I never dreamed that id meet somebody like you.
I never dreamed that id lose somebody like you.
No I dont wanna fall in love, With you.
What a wicked game ot play,
To make me feel this way.
What a wicked thing to do, to let me dream of you.
What a wicked thing to say, you never felt this way.
What a wicked thing to do, to make me dream of you.
No I dont wanna fall in love, With you.
World was on fire, no one would save me but you.
Strange word desire will make foolish people do.
I never dreamed that id love somebody like you.
I never dreamed that id lose somebody like you.
No I dont wanna fall in love, With you.
Nobody loves no one.

Lyrics by Chris Isaak

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Old Friend (New Edit)

Old friend...
You haunt me and creep into my dreams
Slowly wander into this placeless place
Into the shadows of my mind i find you
I tried relentlessly to forget yet you linger
I hear words unsaid and the promises unkept
I see smiles we left behind and the worlds we abandoned
You still live there with me despite our untimely end

Old friend...
These memories wont dissipate and the charm wont wane
Though you left long ago you seem right here
Why cant i seem to forget, why does nothing compare
I assumed the storm subsided yet iam swept away
I see your face, but now in such a different way
The chill settles in and its just another lonely day

Old friend...
Do you remember those long evenings, the crescent moon and the city lights?
The incandescent eyes and the warmth of my embrace?
The laughter still echoes in this timeless time where i find you
Do you still hear? or does another friend occupy your mind
Do you ever look back and reminsce...
Do i wander into your thoughts
Do you make believe that iam still around or have you moved on?

Old friend
Every now and then i envision us
I paint pictures of how it could be
I console myself somehow
Time wasnt on my side

Old friend...wherever you may be tonight
Do u still remember?

The Ocean Is Where I Belong

I stand on the beach, the golden sun and the blue waters, misty eyed
Running unbridled with no direction with feet firmly on the sand..

A picture relinquishes, A vision blurs

Here iam on land, noone to guide me & noone beside me
A sea of people pass me by, loud noises, mad city lights
My eyes trying to take in as much, growing weary & fading dreary
A heart fighting to function & giving up..through endless rain
Hope staggerring & flailing, the wind is much too strong
A voice dies without a goodbye note and so many reasons untold
but something inside says...the ocean is where i belong

I see the endless sea, i hear my name
Ask me to join u and i will, say the word
Fill me up, drown me with your endless might, take me where you might
Far away into another land, a place never seen
Until I find myself lying on the shore of a new world
Dont burn into another dream..Live for me
One more night awaits me, no light in sight
The same dream haunts me, never leaves me
Yet Something inside says...the ocean is where i belong

Hungry for life...grasping onto faith for a better day
Broken many a times, burdened till it cracked
Bruised inside, cursed outside, smart enough to hide
Cried through angry tides, kept everything in my stride
Words spoken, words kept furtive
Some made clear and some never understood
The same script everyday, the same lies
Smile for a thousand eyes..hold on till they say goodbye
Retreat when the sun and cry
Catching teardrops over a million, each with a story to tell
Shadows of memories locked away somewhere in my mind
Yet something inside me says...the ocean is where i belong

Yet something lingers, dives and jumps, fights every storm
It says out so loud 'The ocean is where you belong'
Maybe the ocean is where i belong
Dont u know the ocean is where i belong