Sunday, February 21, 2010


Hello, im sorry for not blogging enough
But now ive decided that i will
It helps me, its therapy :)

Im noone to preach but i believe that ENRICHING our lives is the only way to find peace and find new ways to bring something new to your life instead of that typical routine. If you decide something let me know, we can talk about it :) cuz im starting today. Lets do something NEW


Gather Myself

Endless well..but you must find your way
Sometimes it gets so cold it makes you cry
Child, look inside and remind yourself you know the way
Darkness fears the light even when there is no respite in sight
And light is never hidden too long.. so hold on

Fears start slow and then suddenly invade my peace of mind
Soon i'm in this land where i stand alone and no one can save me
I feel like an outsider to this war of mine with no words left to say
I see this boy trying to fight, but not hard enough
Boy, cast these shadows there's a reason your alive
Persevere, you have to survive

Empty is how you feel and suddenly there's no explanation left to give
Gather yourself around your faith, laugh in the face of hate
Remember after rain there's a rainbow we will find :)
For every thorn that made you bleed you will someday heal
Use those wounds to remind you that you endured
Maybe one day we will all sit and smile
This war will soon end

Late at night I feel so alone, i try to find a friend in the silence
But it never responds instead dark thoughts invade my mind
I must fight through this, I mustn't cave in
I wont bow down to fear, i wont surrender
What am i so afraid of? There's nothing you cant face
Stand up.

Push it all away, if it brings you down fight it till it dies
Nothing can dissaude me, nothing will defeat me
No rain, no kind of pain, no man and no fear will get a hold on me
I will believe...I will smile
I will laugh and I will perpetuate
I'm gonna make it till the end!