Wednesday, May 14, 2014

If I Were


If I were precious
I think to myself
If I were unique
I say to myself
There will be no pain for me
Only gain for me
I’ll tower over the rest

If I were a gem
They would stand and stare
Sparkling leaving them in awe
Only look but don’t touch
If I were a diamond
I’d be cut and black
But not like your hearts
I’d be rare and unseen
Something out of this world

If I were a pearl
I’d be in the depths of the ocean
No man could ever reach
So no one could ever hurt
No evil could ever touch
One day I’d be seen
And millions would vie

If I were a star
I’d be so far
Millions of light years away
All you would do is watch
I would be away from sadness
Glistening gently in your night sky
Sure to never let sorrow come my way

If I were all these things
Deep down inside I’d never be owned
The shine would never wane
A brightness blinding all
Invaluable. Eternal.
Untouchable. Unbreakable