Thursday, November 24, 2011

When I Miss Her

On days when shadows grow close
Moments when I cant reach out
So many times I feel locked in
In the dark and sometimes when its bright
Sometimes its all the time
There are days when I wallow
Pine endlessly, cry incessantly
NO, I'll never move on
And you can't be replaced
I miss you more than words will say

Sometimes emotions are deeper than I can verbalize
Your loss I still haven't come to realize
Maybe you're still around, behind that door?
Standing in the kitchen, singing your favorite songs?
When I was hurt, you came running to me
Its been a while since I saw you
But I believe you're still around
Yet you never come around
I will wait till the day I lay myself down
Maybe someday I'll hear your voice again
Its the one thing I yearn for more than anything in my life
What is this life without you by my side
I miss you, life is now empty, there is no you

I find myself awake at night, alone with my just my thoughts
Do you know I still think of you
That night that won't leave me
Those memories that scar me
Those visions mar my mind
Why do things happen the way they do?
Why are we so helpless, suddenly left with no choices
Must I watch my life fade away?
My heart slip away?
No, its not fair
You must stay
I wish I had a say..

I sat and I prayed
That little boy cried maybe you will come back
But god, they said, had made up his mind
They came and rubbed my shoulders, they stood and watched me cry
In the end they all went home to sleep
Turned their backs on me, but then I never did expect
Secretly I decided to believe you never went away
But then you never answer when I call your name?
Life is so hard, sometimes the pain is so deep
We choose to ignore it and walk on by
Yet sorrow catches up, the more I run, the faster it grips on to me

In my dreams you rarely visit
Where did you go?
One fine day he came and took you away from me
Now I must get by on my own
Living life built on memories
Memories that were never enough to begin with
What do I hold on to?
When I can't even remember too much
I miss you
I will always miss you
Until the day when I meet you again in heaven
Maybe god will apologize
Then we can catch up for the all lost years
The entire lifetime that I spent without you

I miss you
I miss you so much
Words will never be enough..

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

That sort of night..

Caving in tonight. Its a lonely night here.

Its alright to dive right into sadness sometimes..

Wallowing tonight, maybe you will come around.....

Cry baby, if you must.