Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Has anyone heard from him. Omg has he died?

Hello 5 of u

I havnt posted in a while due to:

1. Rain, heavy rain
2. Frequent medication

3. Lack of creativity hence the need to have a word limit of 60 words

4. Discovery of man named TWITTER. He and i, we talk for houuurssss, ofcourse we dont go beyond 60 words and he never replies. But we've found a connection and yes we might be in love. Dont ask about marriage plans yet, will alert reuters when i have to.

5. REPEAT POINT NO. 3. No grave situations happening lately, pretty much same ol same ol..hence going into my older posts is advised in order to get a better idea of whats up.

6. LAZINESS. Blame that beast for everything. If you can find him somewhere, BLUDGEON HIM and let him never return to me!!!!! I SAY NEVAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

7. Back to twitter, he waits for me :)