Thursday, June 18, 2009


My underwater love
So captivating
My underwater love
So wonderfully liquid
Watch from afar
So inviting
Daily life, so tiring
Yearn to escape

Waves rush in
Mighty gush in
Pull me in
Slowly drowning
My underwater love

When eyes sparkle
Feelings overflow
Heartbeats resonating
Mutually exhilarating
My underwater love

Bubbling, ethereal
Calming and exciting
No ends and no beginnings
Lets find a secret place
Melt me down
Put me in a trance

If I daydream I lose myself
Think of my underwater love
Out of the blue I envision my underwater love
No one knows when I find my way to the deepest part of the ocean
Jump and dive in amid all these sparkling pearls
Rainbow colours soar
My underwater love grasp on tight
I covet, I drift away
Only I know how this feels
Nobody sees me
Nobody will know
Nobody can stop me
I’m with my underwater love
Underwater Love

Monday, June 15, 2009

Is It A Crime?

It may take you by surprise, you may not believe
But I do think of you and I miss you
I can see through all of these years
And forget what you put me through
And I still need you
Despite it all
I still want you
Don’t you want me back?

Tell me is it a crime that I still want you
Is it a crime that I secretly I pine for you?
Longingly crave for you when I see you with him
Don’t you want me back?

You look in his eyes but do they speak like mine?
You hold him tight but does it feel right?
You kiss his lips, do they feel like mine?
You embrace him but does it compare?
You take his love but it’s not like mine

Higher than the heavens above
Deeper than the deepest ocean
In a separate private place
This rage knows no bounds
My desire doesn’t know where to stop
Surely he doesn’t know how
Surely he can’t please you the way I did

Tell me is it a crime that I still need you
Is it a crime that I want you to want me too?
Tell me is it a crime?